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Sea Change Healing Center, the vision of Dr. Deborah Musso, offers a new kind of wellness care that complements mainstream Western medicine with a collaborative team of integrated wellness care providers. the team of experts include a chiropractor/ wellness educator, a naturopath, and an acupuncturist, massage therapists and a Somato Respiratory Integrator. Within 48 hours of your first visit, you'll have a customized treatment plan that is focused on upgrading your internal system and body/mind to a positive wellness focus, rather than the traditional treatment of disease and illness.

My first visit to Sea Change, however, was all about beauty. I was looking forward to erasing a few years off my face with an acupuncture face-lift followed by an anti-aging facial. I never imagined that it would turn into a total mind/body experience that would have lasting effects.

I found Dr. Musso to be warm, friendly, and completely approachable. Within minutes I was calling her Debbie and felt like I was visiting with an old friend. "People need to realize that a high level of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being is within our reach," explained Dr. Musso, "We should be unwilling to settle for the status quo of just getting by and demand an optimum state of wellness. Think of wellness as something you build over a lifemtine, beinning with the early addoption of healthy habits and then continuing to do the right things for our body and mind consistently over time."

She invited me to begin my own journey into total wellness by experiencing her team of wellness care providers. As soon as my beauty treatmtnets were complete, I would begin network spinal care. Debbie explained that an evaluation of my spinal and neural system and some follow up threatments would help me to connect to and then release stored tension and stress within my body/mind. Dr. Musso explained that, "the shape, tone and position of my spinal cord is a reflection of the shape, tone and position of my life." Basically what she means is if my body's systems were holding stress- everything in my life would mirror and relfect that stress. Using a specific sequence of light touches she would be able to help my body/mind connect to the overwhelming stress stored in my body and release it, enabling the body/mind to reorganize at a higher and more efficient level of functioning. In other workds, no more stress!

So I began my journey at Sea Change with a rejuvenating face-lift and facial. Fine needles were placed at various pressure points on my face, neck, and eye areas to stimulate chi energy. Risako, my acupuncturist, explained that the needles stimulate blood and circulation as well as enhance skin tone and color. It was my first time getting any kind of acupuncture and I didn't know what to expect. It didn't hurt, but I did experience a strange floating sensation- like I was riding on a wave. Risako explained that this was my chi (energy) moving around and she assured me that it was a good thing. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. The needles remained in my face for about 45 mintues before I was whisked into another aromatherapy-scented room for a soothing facial.

My facial began with wonderful smelling, ultra-soothing Jurlique organic products from Australia. I then enjoyed an incredible therapeutic facial massage followed by a customized balancing mask. Facial massage stimulates the skin and increases circulation, improving skin tone and keeping fine-lines to a minimum. I was indeed glowing, looking a little younger, and best of all I was already beginning to feel a lot less stressed.

My next stop was a visit to Dr. Musso's office. She took down some personal and medical information and the laid me face down. She gently turned my feet and working on my neck and spine with whisper-like touches. From this initial assessment she learned where my energy was blocked. She instructed me to return twice a week for five weeks to receive these gentle entrainments and begin transforming my body. After my first entrainment I felt a bit light-headed, almost like I had take a Valium. I slept really well that night and had lots of energy the next day. In the weeks and visits that followed, I found myself going through all sorts of emotional changes, even experiencing minor breakdowns (tears and all) in the middle of my treatments. Eventually, I began to feel great; however, I was also releasing a lot of toxins, which caused me to break out in itchy rashes. At this point I was able to take full advantage of the Healing Center's collaborative approach- when Dr. Musso called in Dr. Maria Ciuferri-Wansacz, a naturopathic physician to consult on natural treatment for my rashes.

Dr. Maria turned out to be exactly the kind of doctor you always wish for: compassionate, willing to take emergency calls (she even gave me her cell number when she went on vacation!), and always ready to listen. After making a detailed chart of past and present maladies she began my treatment by putting me on a supplement plan that included daily doses of multivitamins and herbs to boost my immune system and protect my weak spots. My rashes were treated with homeopathic remedies and I won't kid you- it was a long process. There is no set prescription for ailments and each patient is treated as an individual, so there's lot of trial and error. Fortunately, none of the remedies are harmful or have lasting effects. And unlike some Western medicines, when you do find the right homeopathic prescription, you know you're not putting something in your body that might have an adverse effect on another part of your system.

Eventually, I was able to keep the rashes in check. I'm presently going through allergy testing called NAET to find out exactly what I'm allergic to and then immediately treat the allergy by retraining my body not to react. But that's another story. I'll just say that it seems to be working and I'm very happy to have a team of health care providers who are always willing to take my calls, who are generally available whenever I need them, and who genuinely seem to care about my health and happiness.

Originally published in FIT YOGA

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