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What is Acupuncture ?

Acupuncture is a form of treatment that uses hair thin sterilized needles at specific points in the body in order to produce a healing response. The needles are inserted into the skin and then stimulated to balance the body's energy or Qi (pronounced "chee"). When there is an insufficient amount of Qi or if it becomes blocked, the body becomes unbalanced and disease results.

What does acupuncture treat ?

Acupuncture treats all acute and chronic conditions. It is very helpful for pain management and musculoskeletal complaints. It also treats digestive problems, PMS, menopause, headaches, infertility, allergies, asthma, anxiety, fatigue, depression, fibroids, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, and many other conditions. Acupuncture is even safe during pregnancy.

What to expect?

A typical acupuncture treatment lasts 45 minutes to one hour. During the initial visit, Dr. Ciuferri-Wansacz takes a detailed history, asking many questions about diet, lifestyle, general health, past medical history, and family history. She will then palpate (or touch) certain parts of the body that are related to the chief complaint in order to gather more findings. The actual needling is painless. Many people describe a slight prick or feel nothing at all as the needle enters the skin. Once the needle is in place a variety of sensations may occur ranging from an achiness, numbness, tingling or warmth, which indicates the Qi is moving. If there are trigger points in the muscles, you may feel a slight muscle twitch when these are released.

How often and how many treatments will I need?

It depends on the length and severity of the condition. Acupuncture is typically given once or twice a week. It has a cumulative effect on the body. In other words, the more often you get acupuncture the longer the relief lasts. For example, if someone has an initial treatment for back pain they may have relief for a few hours or one day. The following week they go back for another treatment, which results in relief for 2 or 3 days. They continue to go for their acupuncture treatments every week and notice the pain is diminishing more and more each week. They may get to the point that they only need a "tune-up" once a month in order to keep the pain at bay. It's different for everyone. But, nobody can expect complete relief in one acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture needs time to work. It's a good idea to get weekly treatments for 5 to 6 weeks then re-evaluate your condition.

What is facial acupuncture ?

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